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This type of material is a mainstay for distros . This material there are 2 types of scale ie Cotton Carded and Combed Cotton . For Combed Cotton material finer than Carded Cotton is a bit rough . Indeed, in passing when we hold Carded Cotton material feel thicker , but when in use Combed Cotton is more comfortable and lighter . Properties of both types of materials can absorb sweat and heat , because the basic raw material is cotton fiber . In addition , to distinguish the thickness of the material this shirt is a type of thread used . Usually we often see that kind of shirt 20 's , 30 's or the other . Materials with a thicker yarn 20 's than 30 's . There is another material that is thicker than Cotton Combed Cotton Double 20 's that or usually also called the Double Nett . Course material more comfortable and fall ( weight down ) when in use . However , shortage of material is stretchy Cotton Double when frequently washed and worn , especially if the air is often withdrawn because there was like a sponge .
In general , the characteristics of the cotton plant ingredients are as follows :
Material feels a little cold and stiff ;
Absorb sweat ;
Clothing / fabric will be damaged if immersed more than 2 hours in a detergent ;
Susceptible to the fungus ;
Do not let the cotton cloth wet too long .

Because it is comfortable when worn , then there is a combination of mixed uses this Cotton material , namely :
This type of cotton is still in the category but the quality is below the Cotton Combed and Carded Cotton because it is a mixture of Cotton with Polyester material ( Teteron ) . Compared materials Cotton , TC materials are less able to absorb sweat and a little heat in the body and is more rugged . The surplus of materials more resistant TC tangled and not stretchy though had been washed many times .
This type of T-shirt material is a mixture of Combed Cotton and Viscose . The advantages of this material is its rate of shrinkage ( shrinkage pattern ) is smaller than Cotton material . This type of material also absorbs sweat .

Viscose material is a material that is often used in clothing fashions party , casual wear , lingerie , underwear , jackets because until smooth and slippery and pliable . This material is made from wood fibers ( Eucalyptus - a type of pine tree ) . Ciri2 viscose :
Feels soft and cool on the skin ;
The material is falling , not stiff and shiny colors ;
Absorb sweat ;
Material / clothing will be damaged if soaked with detergent over 1 hour ;
Can be washed or dry clean .

This type of material is made of synthetic or artificial fibers from petroleum products to be made of materials such as fiberglass and poly for plastic products such as plastic pellets . Due to the nature of the basic material , then this type of material can not absorb sweat and hot to wear. Made of plastic granules so hot on the body and does not absorb sweat . Characteristics of these materials are:
Stains difficult to remove oil and meal from these materials ;
Polyester is stronger and hold more than 3 hours soaked ;
Often mixed with other materials such as viscose , linen and cotton .

Such as cotton , but has a stronger fiber , ideal for casual wear and dresses . This beautiful fabric wrinkled but not to disturb even the appearance of wrinkles . This fabric has the characteristics :
The material is cold , absorbs sweat and is very comfortable to wear ;
Unruly so easy to wash and ironing needs attention ;
For treatment : choose a mild detergent and soak in warm water temperature ( see instructions label apparel ) .

5 . WOOL
This material is very absorbing water but thick so it made ​​contact with the stain will be more difficult to clean and will shrink if not how to wash and dry them properly . There are also types of Lightweight Wool . For Lightweight Wool , as the name suggests , wool fabric is quite lightweight and can be paired with just about anything . The fall in body too unsightly . The surplus , the fabric is a bit ' naughty ' alias durable ( durable ) .

This material absorbs water and easily torn . Leaching by enzymes and bleach can cause damage to this type of clothing so that washing is a good way to do is to dry clean the system . To use the washing machine is usually a choice of programs : Normal , Delicate , Jeans , Wool , etc. .

This material is quite luxurious , with excellent quality . Do not be surprised if the tag frills price was quite draining bag . Combined with an elegant skirt or with jeans alone , cashmere still looks luxurious and expensive . The more frequent washing , this material will be more subtle . But first consider , not just any wash , because it was done with a shampoo wash .

Used to look elegant and graceful . Select the transparent depths comes with it will look simple yet sexy .

For this one material , so that the fall tasty and looks okay inherent in curves , select the material is a little heavy . The larger size would avoid the impression of tight clothes that do not cling unsightly . This material is usually used in a uniform ball .

10 . DENIM
No one does not know and love on this one type of material . Aka denim jeans material , loved all people . The darker the color , the easier it is for their counterparts . In addition, dark -colored denim will look more presentable and formal than the bright and faded .

11 . LYCRA
Lycra or spandex material also called is usually combined with other fabrics , because it implies only a few percent. But the clothes made of material elements will be more durable lycra kerapiannya . Follow the shape of its body ( elastic ) and comfortable not too thick also often used for gymnastics apparel .

Both will already be familiar to the ear , it is not impossible , ranging from pants , handbags to shoes was made of these materials . Both are equally real leather . However, leather is made from the outer skin , while suede is made from the skin . Find a smooth and not stiff . For these two materials , techniques required special care to clean it . For leather , shiny choose not to expensive and elegant impression . Shiny even memorable cheap .
For leather is usually distinguished by the body parts of the animal, namely the backs , neck , shoulder , lower abdomen and thighs . The most expensive part of the body is the back because it has a thick skin and fine quality good compared to other parts of the body are thin and stretchy .
If you 're choosing a leather jacket , make sure that all parts of the jacket using the back of an animal in order to get the maximum quality of the skin because there is also a leather jacket on the body using a good skin but on the jacket sleeve using different leather qualities . So , be smart to choose the one leather jacket , especially for genuine leather jacket ( not synthetic ) because its price is quite expensive and unfortunately if you spend a lot of money and get a jacket that is not maximal .

13 . DRILL
Types of materials including cloth drill drill drill and brands tycoon tycoon tropical for Japanese products are good quality and thick . Drill unisex American brands like Verlando and Venosa that its price is cheaper than Japan Drill . This material is very comfortable to wear uniforms , the collection was fairly full color material than other brands . Tekstrur form of this material is visible outline a clear thread of this material .

This material has a texture pattern perforated, perforated small commonly used for clothing Polo collared . Lacoste is actually the name of French origin company that produces garments with less texture last perforated, perforated , but as its use , the materials making it as the name of this type of clothing to make a Polo shirt or Wangki local language .
For there is a material form of its PE ( content contained Polyester / plastic ) and less thin material absorbs sweat as well as the content contained Pique cotton , thick and absorbs sweat .

If you want to create a uniform ball , there are a few choices of materials used , namely :
This material is used as an ingredient olahragat.Tekstur jersey fabric is morbidly shiny , soft and elastic when held . This material has the thickness as well as cotton . This material is often used as materials for sports team soccer jersey .
Paragon is a difficult characteristic to absorb sweat . Has a fabric texture and a slightly visible pengkilat flexible when in use , because it is commonly used as an ingredient the manufacture of T-shirts sport . Paragon used on the basketball team .
This material forms usually have a pattern such as the so-called diamond motif on the wafer as the wafer -shaped diamond foods . Properties of these materials are light and absorb sweat though not as good as cotton jersey material . This material is commonly used on uniforms or futsal ball .
Nature of the material does not vary much as wafer material , just different in the general motives alone and also used on sports uniforms such as the products of so-called material Adidas adidas .
e . hyget
This material is made of plastic , but LBH thin . Widely used for party campaign purposes Because a very cheap price . Namu those that kind of Super Hyget that its quality is better and is also commonly used in football uniforms .

16 . MATERIALS VEIL / veil
        a. chiffon
This type of veil fabric made ​​of cotton base , silk and synthetic fibers . This type of fabric has the properties of a thin veil , slippery and hot when used for the hood if there is no other combination of the design of the hood itself , usually this type of fabric in its usage is followed by ciput of jersey material . Nonetheless fabric hood is pretty much enjoy doing by women because it is lightweight and nge - flow . Chiffon fabric also has many types including plain chiffon ( which is usually made ​​of polyester / petroleum ) and the type of chiffon Cerutti ( of silk ) . The fabric hood is used in addition to hood , this fabric is also used raw material to make clothes for women . This material is most often used to make veil .
If a glance at these hoods do not see the fabric does not look different to the type of fabric chiffon scarf , chiffon scarf fabric is smoother than HYCON fabric hood , but the hood type of fabric has a softer nature in comparison to the type of chiffon , usually in the hood wearer in add ciput before HYCON layered veil .
This type of veil fabric has properties nearly equal to HYCON hood , the same - the same smooth and gentle nature , fabric hood is very suitable in use during the day and its use had to use the inner , however this type of fabric hood has no properties bending . This type of veil fabric made ​​of cotton but there is also a basic bahsn rayon , silk or polyester
d . SILK
As we mentioned above , the fabric hood has a thin and delicate nature of the fabric hood making this type is quite expensive in comparison with other types of cloth hood .
e . Spandex
As mentioned above , this fabric is also quite easy in the washing process , this type of veil fabric of many kinds and the most interesting of this type of fabric shiny effects , although not all types of fabric spandex hood has a shiny effect .
This type of fabric has an elastic texture , because the basic ingredients of silk fabric contains material which is soft , making this type of fabric hood gives the impression of luxury and elegance , tekstrur fabric hood is like an orange peel .

This material is commonly used on jackets or sports training pants and sporty . The shiny material properties when exposed to sunlight , giving rise to the impression of luxury even though the price is not too expensive . This material is not stretched when in the wash , but if you use a washing machine can damage the fiber or brushed his cloth as other common materials .

This material has the texture of thick and heavy . Typically used for field jacket on mining or mountain climbing because it can protect the body from scratches stones or other objects . When used normally somewhat frustrated because thick .

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